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White Washed Wood

Fine Bone China Cups and Fabulous Flasks

White Washed Wood

Welcome to Minnie La La Designs
Beautiful, bespoke artwork

Bone China Cups
£12.00 Each

These stunning hand printed cups are delicately beautiful, each one is a print from a stunning original oil painting by Miriam Vincent

Fine Bone China Cups

Fruit Salad Part 2!


Fruit Salad Part 3!

Sunshine Kisses


Travel Flask

These stainless steel travel flasks are fabulous for keeping your drink either VERY hot
or SUPER chilled for up to 6 hours!
They have a secure sealed lid and silicone gel ring -  and have an easy to drink lid that simply slides back  when you want to take a sip!

Melody Flowers

Fruit  Salad

Fruit Salad Part 3!_edited.jpg

Fruit Salad Part 3!

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