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Minnie La La Designs
Beautiful, Happy Art work!

Miriam creates beautiful, happy, art to hang in your home or work space.

Her work is one of a kind.

It is not mass produced, no body else will have one like it hanging on their walls.

Miriam has a great love for the outdoors and her inspiration comes from nature and the beautiful Welsh countryside where she lives. This is evident throughout her artwork.

Miriam mainly uses oil paints because she enjoy the way they can be layered, creating thick, rich, sumptuous colours, that scream to be touched.

This results in fabulous textured paintings that are bright in colour and full of movement.

Miriam is passionate about making art accessible to everyone, she is also a great believer that art has the power to heal ones soul, whether that be through painting onesself or spending time looking at art.

Her work brings joy and happiness to all who look at it.

Picasso, Van Gogh, da Vinci, Dali, Monet, Holly Tucker, Not on the High Street, Etsy, 

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