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   I'm Miriam, founder and creator of
               Minnie La La Designs.

   I am passionate about painting beautiful 
paintings that lift peoples mood
instantly, making them feel happier.
It's not clever, it's not political, it is
what it is, bright, colourful, sumptuous
and joyous art.

Food for your soul.

Welcome to Minnie La La Designs
Beautiful, bespoke artwork 


Who Are We

Bespoke work

What I love most when my clients see their commissioned piece of work for the first time are their reactions, all of which have been wonderful, crying, good tears, grins from ear to ear and many, many hugs.  If you’re wondering what the process is like to to commission a piece of work from me, click the link below.

Not ready for a commission?

It's a big decision to have a piece of artwork commissioned, usually a once in a life time purchase.
That is why I print limited numbers of high quality prints of my originals oil paintings, ready mounted, but allowing you to choose the perfect frame for it, for your home or workspace.
Take a look at some of my prints I have for sale at the moment.


Get in touch

I'm happy to have a zoom call if you have any questions or would like further information about commissions, workshops or any other collaboration ideas you may have.
Get in touch to arrange.


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