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Minnie's Monday Musing!

Being true to myself and trusting, that I do know what I am doing, and that it works!

On Friday evening I opened my studio for the very first time to run a small intimate 'Losing yourself in the Flow' art workshop.

I had it all planned, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to trust my instinct and run the workshop my way, not the way I thought it should be run.

I knew that perhaps it was a little quirky, a little bit different but it is my workshop and I wanted to run my way and by doing so, I would be being my true authentic self.

It has taken me 47 years to find comfort in my skin, to allow myself to be my true self and believe me it is much easier and actually more fun!

Workshop in my studio
Losing Yourself in the Flow Workshop

The workshop itself could not have gone better, the feedback was incredible and I felt proud of myself to have believed in myself and ran it just how I wanted to! Another bonus for working for myself!

Here's to many more workshops and a fabulous week to you all.

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