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Minnie's Monday Musings!

This weekend was the 25th Abergavenny Food Festival #AFF2023 ! That alone is really quite remarkable. A festival, in a small market town that has grown over the years, attracting a wide variety of well known foodies.

One of the many reasons this festival is so wonderful, is the way in which it brings the community together.

We all know the importance of community not just for businesses but for individuals as well. Some of the most important elements of being part of a community for me, is about being part of something, having support both emotionally and practically. This gives me a sense of belonging, that is so valuable, especially when I am struggling with all that life throws my way. So it was truly fantastic that #themakersgallery was a part of the festival and able to offer even more than usual, by running workshops and having a pop up cafe in the garden!

Even though our gallery is open every week from Tuesday - Sunday, we had many new LOCAL visitors that for some reason or another hadn't got the chance to visit the gallery before now and they loved the creative talent and beautiful unique things on sale in the three rooms of the gallery.

It makes my heart sing and I feel truly blessed to live in such a fabulous part of the world. #abergavenny

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