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Thank You, Impostor Syndrome

A few weeks ago, longer perhaps, I wrote about an event I went to and how it made me feel like an impostor.

It was a really horrible experience yet it wasn't anyones fault, it was just my insecurities rearing their ugly heads.

However, now that time has passed and I have thought about this ALOT, I realise that actually from that awful experience I have learnt what is really, super important to me.

Yes, I paint pretty pictures, yes, I love colour and yes, my paintings are happy but what I have really learnt or realised is the importance of art and it's place in society.

So next time I stand in a crowded room and share with people that I am an artist, I will hold my head high because it is a privilege to be an artist, it is a privilege that my art makes people happy, because that is something that we all deserve and need.

Here is my painting of 'Bee's Paradise' - I hope it makes you smile.

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