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Trusting the Process!

I always harp on about 'trusting the process' and #goingwithflow in my workshops and it was when I was working on my latest #commission that I realised, I needed to take my own advice!!

I had a plan, as I always do when starting a commission and

I was especially excited with this one because it was a special #gift for a #birthdaypresent for a lovely lady from her family.

The husband, daughter, son and their partner's all wanted to be apart of the creation and decided that they would like to use their #birthflowers as a starting point for the piece.

I really enjoyed researching the flowers of each month for everyone involved, including the dog!

I sketched them, painted them, explored how they would all fit together on the canvas.

I was about, what I now know, half way through the canvas, and I thought I was finished but it didn't FEEL complete - even though all #birthflowers were in place and I'd created a happy, bright, colourful oil painting which I was very pleased with but something was missing.

I walked away from the canvas, I came back to the canvas, I walked away again and went for a walk.

When I returned to the canvas, I spent sometime just sitting in font of it, getting lost in it, letting it speak to me and show me what needed to be done.

I know that sounds a bit whoo, whoo but that is what I did.

I added to the painting and reminded myself that I needed to trust the process, enjoy the process and allow myself to be guided by the paints.

I have never really got to grips with #meditation but I feel as though through my art and creating I am in a mediative state of mind, I connect more deeply with myself and find a greater sense of peace when I reach that flowing state of mind.

The painting now needs to dry but I'll be sure to show the finished piece once my client has received it!

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