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When things don't FEEL right!

I wanted to share this video of behind the scenes in my studio.

I really wasn't 'feeling' the painting and knew that I wouldn't be happy with it if I tried to carry on - so the sponge came out! People thought I was crazy or even brave but I felt a great sense of empowerment and liberation at believing in myself to do what I felt was right.

Throwing the canvas away was not an option, working with what I had and really connecting with my heart and soul, seemed the natural thing to do.

I share this because I think it's really important to talk about our supposed 'mistakes' it's very hard not to be despondent but if you can work through it, whatever you 'it' is your sense of satisfaction and pride will leave you standing tall.

Trust yourself, in whatever it may be. Listen to your heart and believe.

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