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Dive into a World of Creativity at Club Flow!


Unleash Your Inner Artist This Summer!


Join us for an extraordinary art workshop designed exclusively for children aged 12 and up who are eager to explore and express their unique creativity. Dive into a vibrant world where imagination knows no bounds and every child’s inner artist has the chance to shine.


Why Choose Club Flow?


  • Immersive Experience: Our workshop is more than just an art class. It’s a journey into the heart of creativity, encouraging children to lose themselves in the joy of creating.
  • Guided by a Professional: Led by the talented and inspiring Miriam, this workshop promises a fun-filled morning packed with artistic activities and techniques.
  • All Skill Levels Welcome: Whether your child is a budding Picasso or just starting out, Club Flow is the perfect place to nurture their passion for art.
  • Price includes all materials and refreshments



  • Age Group: 12+
  • Duration: Fun-filled morning session 9.30-12.00 am
  • Instructor: Miriam, a seasoned artist and enthusiastic educator
  • Refreshments
  • All Materials Included


Enroll your child in Club Flow today and watch as they dive into a world of creativity, making memories and masterpieces that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for an enriching summer experience where creativity flows freely and every child’s potential is celebrated!

Club Flow Workshop - Tues 23rd July

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