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Introducing the Star Gazing Vegan Suede Cushion, where celestial charm meets eco-conscious elegance. Designed to ignite your imagination and soothe your senses, this cushion cover with filler is a testament to both artistic expression and sustainability.


Crafted from PET plastic, ingeniously repurposed from recycled vegetable wrappers, this cushion embodies the essence of environmental responsibility without compromising on comfort. The result is a luxuriously soft vegan suede fabric that envelops you in cosiness while contributing to a greener planet.


The centerpiece of this cushion is a captivating print from an original piece of art by the talented Miriam Vincent. A full bright yellow moon takes center stage against a deep blue starry sky, casting its radiant glow over a picturesque meadow. Here, a swathe of colourful flowers dances in the moonlight, creating a scene of tranquility and beauty.


Whether adorning your favourite armchair, complementing your bedding ensemble, or adding a touch of whimsy to your patio furniture, the Star Gazing Vegan Suede Cushion is a versatile accent that elevates any space. Bring the magic of starry nights and blooming meadows into your home while making a positive impact on the planet with this enchanting cushion.


Size 40 x 40 cm

Machine Washable at 30 degrees

Vegan Suede Cushion - Star Gazing

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