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Behind the Scenes!

Hi, take a peep behind the scenes of Minnie La La Designs! I spend about 20% of my time actually painting, the rest of the time I am marketing, holding health and wellbeing workshops, accounting, packaging, sourcing...the list goes on!

However, one of my favourite activities is walking amongst the gorgeous Welsh countryside looking for inspiration! My work is inspired by nature.

Anyway, welcome to my studio! Here I am preparing a limited edition print to be dispatched to one lucky Happy Art Owner! 

In this next peep behind the scenes, you can see just how important it is to 'feel' the piece of art you are creating.

With this painting I was trying to recreate one that I had sold. It wasn't flowing for me as I was trying to force the process. However, inspiration soon flowed!

Watch it to find out how it goes...

And remember, if you want to commission a piece of original artwork, or you want to join me in my workshop for a painting party or workshop, just contact me here.

Mistake, what mistake?!
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