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Drink and Draw

Drink and Draw at The Angel Inn Grosmont Poster.jpg
The Angel Inn -Grosmont for Drink and Draw.jpeg
Drink and Draw with Miriam Vincent


The idea of ‘Drink and Draw’ came about because I often talk about the benefits of being creative and how I believe that you only need to do it for short periods of time to gain from it.

Even though it’s only needed to be done for 5 minutes or so, and you will notice the difference in your wellbeing, people still find it hard to ‘fit’ it in or rather be discipled enough to actually do it. A bit like exercise!


However, after speaking to people in my village, I learnt that there were in fact a lot of people who would were interested in my idea of a little Drink and Draw get together on a regular basis.

So on the first Thursday of every month, we meet, to drink and draw - I am not promoting drinking and of course soft drinks are also available but a bit of 'Dutch' courage is there for those that are new to picking up a pencil. It’s not an art class, I do not teach, though I’m happy to give prompts.


My aim is not for people to create an amazing picture but to understand that you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy and reap the benefits of creativity - I’m passionate about getting this message out to as many people as possible and what better place to start that my own local - which is a fantastic pub, with great food and many live music events…just saying!

Another positive is, it brings the community together, which is one of the reasons we decided to leave London 12 years ago and move to a small rural village. We wanted to be a part of a community, we wanted to know our neighbours, we didn't actually know that at the time but having experienced it and being so embraced by the village I realise that, that is what we really needed . Life is hard and we all need an escape every so often from the hardships of everyday life and what better way than to pick up a pencil and draw - one doesn’t have to go on expensive holidays or spa days to feel better, of course I would love to be picking up a pencil on a Caribbean island but until I sell many more paintings I’m very happy to do so in my local in South Wales!

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