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How does an art commission work?

The art world can be a daunting place, however I want to make
it accessible to everyone. 

My work is not clever, or political. There are no hidden meanings, or underlining messages.
My pieces of work are bright, colourful, happy pieces of art. 

Artist Miriam Vincent displaying one of her colourful pieces of happy art

When accepting a commission for original art my goal is to make you feel connected to the piece, every time you look at it.  Imagine the feeling you will experience when you receive your finished piece, knowing that it has been created just for you.

I want my work to make you smile, feel happier and  lift your mood.

Aa photograph of Sugar Loaf Mountain during a sunrise

Deciding to commission a piece of art is an important lifestyle choice.
Where possible, I like to meet my clients in person before starting their commission. 
Ideally I like to meet in your home, this way I get a feel for your style, taste, and the atmosphere you have created in your home. This gives me a platform to work with and I believe benefits us both.

However, if a face to face isn’t possible, then I am happy to meet via a zoom call.
I want to get to know you, even just a little bit. I want to get a glimpse into your life and learn about you, for example, your likes and dislikes. It is important this includes your outlook on life, as well as your tastes in style, theme or colour.

I absolutely love meeting people and hearing their stories. I believe this research helps me to create a very special, bespoke piece of artwork for you, my client. A piece of original art as unique as you, truly one of a kind. We create it together, because my clients give me the  inspiration to create their canvas.

 My work is not mass produce, it is bespoke, you will not see the same piece stacked on the shelves in department stores. A commissioned piece of art will not be seen hanging on everyone's wall, just yours. 

An original oil painting by Miriam Vincent
Colourful Happy art - Oil Painting original by Miriam Vincent
Floral Dance - An original oil painting by Miriam Vincent

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