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Our Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

 Why is wellbeing in the workplace so important?



     Stress, depression and ill health are on the increase.        Champion Health report that 79% of people experienced work related stress in 2023

      Only 25% of companies have an employment wellbeing program 

        1 in 2 employees would rather have physical and mental wellbeing benefits rather than office based perks


A Corporate Wellbeing Workshop in action
A Corporate Wellbeing Workshop - Employees being creative

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

A Corporate Wellbeing  Workshop usually last 1.5 - 2 hours and is for 8 (minimum requirement) to 12 employees.
(if you have more employees I can run additional workshops on the same day) 
Half a day £450.00
Full day £800.00

For your convenience the corporate wellbeing workshops take place in your premises. They can be scheduled at a time of day to suit your business requirements.

89% of workers at companies that support wellbeing are more likely to recommend that company as a good place to work

When employees are happy and healthy, they work more efficiently


When employees feel valued and supported they perform at their best.

A delighted boss, displaying her work of art!

Watch a Corporate Wellbeing Workshop in action!

"Within our company we talk a lot about health and well being,
as well as supporting our staff with all elements of the challenges life throws our way.
We saw Miriam's workshop as a brilliant opportunity to show our team that we care about their well being and want to invest in their health and future with our company.
It was fabulous! Thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The process was easy, fun, and got everyone laughing and smiling!"
 Rachel Bedgood - CBS The Screening House

Rachel Bedgood CBS The Screening House with Artwork

"To top it all at the end of this process we received a canvas which culminated in all the contributions made by every member of the company.
 It’s a tangible thing that we can all share and feel part of it.
It now sits proudly on the wall in our office."
Rachel Bedgood - CBS The Screening House


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