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Grosmont, abergavenny, Wales.heic


I know that grief is an ever changing journey but when I think I'm doing alright and then it throws me a curve ball, like it did today, it shocks and surprises me that it still hits me in the way that it does.

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How Long Does Grief Last?

Here's a little rambling video that I took on my walk today. 


My mum died 11 years ago.

Today I was feeling happy and positive, full of optimism for the year ahead and excited for all the new projects I have in mind that I'm eager to begin. I was walking and out of the blue it hit me again.

How long does grief last? Forever, it just changes.



If my grief ramblings resonate with you, then please do get in touch - I run workshops from my studio and I always begin with a ramble in nature.

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