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Minnie's Monday Musings!


I cannot believe it's Monday again...yes I know I keep writing this on my Monday Musings but I am sure the weekend is getting shorter or maybe it's because the nights are drawing in and the weather getting cooler, apart from yesterday when it was positively tropical and I had to dig out a vest top and my flip flops! (Not that I am complaining). However, a new week, a new set of goals to set and achieve, and very excitingly, my latest commission is now ready for delivery.

Last week I spent a lot of time working on my website and trying to understand how to get it more visible on #google and drive traffic onto my site. Working on my own can make these sort of tasks go on forever because I need to look things up and learn how to do them, then put them in to place. It would be lovely to have an IT team to support stuff like this but for now I will slowly plod through it. There is still a lot of work to be done and I'm sure it will be an ongoing thing but slowly, slowly, catch a monkey, as the saying goes!

I'm very excited to announce another Nature's Canvas Workshop will be taking place next month - this will have a similar format to last time; a morning of mindful photography (all you need is your phone) and getting out into nature and then in the afternoon, creating a canvas of your own, taking inspiration from the photos taken in the morning.

This will be a small intimate workshop, spaces will limited, no previous photography or painting experience necessary. If you'd like to know more click on the link below!

Have a fabulous week.

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