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Step into the enchanting realm of "Orange Luna" by the visionary artist Miriam Vincent—an original oil painting that captivates otherworldly beauty and mystique. This mesmerising piece beckons viewers into a celestial dreamscape where the delicate framing of the moon by dark flowers evokes a sense of mystery and magic.


The composition of "Orange Luna" is a testament to Miriam Vincent's artistic prowess. The moon, bathed in a warm orange glow, takes center stage, surrounded by an ethereal dance of dark flowers that adds an element of enchantment to the scene. The artist's skillful use of colour and texture creates a profound sense of depth, immersing the viewer in a world that goes beyond the canvas.


As you gaze upon "Orange Luna," you'll find yourself drawn into a contemplative state, where each brushstroke seems to convey emotions that resonate with the soul. 

Whether you are an avid art collector or someone seeking a piece that sparks the imagination, "Orange Luna" stands as a testament to Miriam Vincent's ability to transport viewers to realms both magical and mysterious. Bring this evocative piece into your space and let the allure of the celestial and botanical elements inspire moments of reflection and wonder.

SOLD Orange Luna 9 X 7 Inches 125

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