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Minnie La La Designs
Art Commissions, Workshops and Gifts

Hang some happiness on your walls!
Floral Dance, oil painting by Minnie La La Designs, a stunning blue sky for its backdrop. In the foreground, there is a beauitful and vibrant display of flowers in shades of purple, pink, yellow and organge
Sugar Loaf Mountain, Abergavenny by Minnie La La Designs, Oil painting
Minnie La La Designs in action in her studio - Abergavenny

Imagine owning a piece of art just for you?

I love art commissions. Creating unique pieces of art

for your home or business is an exciting process.

I work closely with my clients fostering a relationship

to understand their needs.

The results, a piece of artwork you connect with


Art Commissions

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Are you looking for a unique team

building activity?

My corporate wellbeing workshops allow

people to express themselves creatively.

Working together to create something

beautiful, a unique piece of artwork, helps

teams to bond.

Connecting with emotions creatively

provides an escape from workplace pressures.

Your team's mental health will thrive after a corporate wellbeing workshop  with me.

Wellbeing in the workplace with Minnie La La Designs – Wellbeing Workshops
Art Workshops for health and wellbeing. A nature inspired art workshop with Minnie La La Designs

Art Workshops for Health and Wellbeing

Looking after your mental health is an integral part of your

wellbeing.  My art workshops for health and wellbeing will

 be just what the doctor ordered!

Reduce your stress level, explore your creativity, enjoy

celebrating nature.

Enjoy being creative in a safe environment, without

judgment or expectation - just have fun!

Painting puts us into a meditative state. Let your creative juices
flow and experience just how fulfilling art workshops for health and wellbeing truly can be. 


Read more about my journey on how

I became the  'happy artist'.


Take a look behind the scenes of me in my studio.

Image of an original Miriam Vincent piece of art

Snippets about my life as an artist.

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