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A Little Bit About Me

Minnie La La Designs Artist in Wales

Miriam lives with her husband, two children,
bearded dragon and two cats, in a small village which is set in the rolling hills of the beautiful Welsh borders.

Miriam  gets her inspiration for her unique paintings from her surroundings; Miriam has a deep connection with the outdoors and Mother Nature, spending much time walking, running and gardening.

Hedgerow Jewls, colour in nature
Welsh Countryside The Graig Happy Art

Miriam's love of colour is evident throughout her work and she is always searching the hedgerows for hidden jewels for new colours.

The Happy Artist

Miriam is becoming known as 'The Happy Artist' which is fabulous accolade to have because who doesn't want to make people happier?

However, it is only through her heartbreaking experience of losing her mother that she has arrived to that.
When her mother died very suddenly, to dreaded Cancer, her grief was all consuming and it was as though her life had lost all meaning.  

All joy and beauty in her world had vanished.


Of course this was not true because Miriam had a young family to look after, so in order to navigate through her grief she found solace in the great outdoors.

It was only after spending much time walking and running in all kinds of weather, that she slowly started to notice the changing of the seasons; the colours of the leaves on the trees, seeds pushing fresh green shoots out of the soil, shapes of clouds, sunsets and rises, new moons and full, stars in the sky, that she found she could see beauty in the world again.

Sunny Delight Oil Painting by Minnie La La Designs, Happy Art

Which lead to Miriam to remember all the wonderful years she had spent with her mother. Making her realise just how lucky she had been to have had such a fabulous mother.

So instead of feeling sad to have lost her, she began to feel the joy and
love that her mother had given her. It was then that Miriam began to paint and she painted without purpose at first, just to create and the results were bright, 
colourful pieces of work.

Miriam is passionate about sharing her story of grief, to help others connect with nature and to create spaces for people to unleash their creativity and find themselves through art .

"I run workshops because I feel a great need and desire to share with others what I have learnt. Art and nature have played a huge part of my recovery and it is a part of my everyday life." Miriam 

Learn more about Miriam's art workshops

Wise Words

"Don't worry be happy"
"You can't hurry love"
"Baby, there's no need for living in the past"

If you know who sang these wise words, email me for a prize 

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