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Dare to Dream

Waaay back in January I applied to Country Living to exhibit at one of their fabulous fairs. #CLFAIRS #CLFAIRS22 Never in a million years did I think I would be accepted, however, I was and I am going!

But let me share with you my little backstory first.

Many moons ago, well, 10 years in fact, I went to the Country Living Spring Fair in London. My husband, boy and I, were going to be leaving London and relocating to Wales . But before we left I went to the CL spring fair, and as soon as I stepped into the exhibition I felt like I had come home - I was surrounded by the most beautiful, unique, gorgeous things and I said to myself then, that at some point in my life I wanted to exhibit here! I did not know in what capacity it might be but I just felt like I had found my people and I longed to be apart of it all.

Fast forward 5 years and I was flicking through a copy of Country Living Magazine and I came across an advert for the Country Living Christmas Fair, I was immediately transported back to the time I had visited the fair and the yearning to be apart of it was ignited again in my soul. So I tore the advert out of the magazine and pinned in onto my mood board in my studio. I would see it daily and wonder often, how or when I might get my chance to be there.

Then in January, as the new year was unfolding, I began to think about all the things I wanted to achieve in 2022 and one of them was to attend the Country Living Christmas Fair - so I applied, thinking I have done all that I can and if I'm honest as soon as I hit the send key on the email I forgot all about it. And it wasn't until March that I heard back from them, telling me that I had been accepted!

These last six months have been crazy trying to make it possible for me to go, the expense of the stand alone is A LOT, not to mention all the stock I will need, I feel so excited and also scared at the possibilities that are just around the corner. I've kept my head down, I have worked hard, been busy, really busy, getting everything ready for the biggest event of my career. So watch this space because in the next few weeks I will be sharing lots of exciting posts regarding new paintings, new merchandise and lots more.

So my message to you is 'Dare to Dream' because anything is possible and also to be scared or to challenge yourself is a good thing - nothing comes easily - it takes hard work, a bit of blood, a lot of tears and a lot of self belief.

This will probably be how you'll see me for the next 5 or so weeks!

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