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Do you believe in coincidences? Find out why I don't!

Updated: May 13

Do you believe in coincidences? Helen Reddy I Am Woman

Do you believe in coincidences? Or maybe things happen for a reason?

#helenreddy - I heard of Helen Reddy for the first time today!

Am I late to the party?

Of course I know her music - I can remember it being on the radio as a child. I can remember my mum singing it loudly in the car, with much conviction. These memories though, I had forgotten, not for any reason but just because there were so many times when my mum took centre stage, metaphorically speaking, and taught me how to be a strong woman.

Why am I telling you this?

About a month a go I was introduced to a networking group called 'I AM WOMAN' and the fabulous woman behind #iamwoman is #cherylbass She runs 'Entrepreneurial Mentoring Courses'. She helps woman on their journey to making their business a success.

Cheryl does this, by surrounding her clients with other women who are on a similar journey to them. Together they discover where the blocks are and what it is that's holding them back. They support each, they break everything down into small stepping stones - giving them a clear vision on what it is they have to do to get where they want to.

Cheryl cleverly asks the right questions in order to find what's stopping you.

Stick with me...

Why am I telling you all this?

Why did I ask the question 'Do you believe in coincidences?'

This morning, I was so tired and cold and I couldn't focus on work. Deciding to have an early lunch, I curled up on the sofa under a warm blanket determined to watch a film of 'my' choice.

My preference, a film called 'Judy', all about #judygarland. Unfortunately it was no longer available. It's typical, the one time I want to skive off work, I can't even watch what I want.

Film suggestions came up and one of them was called 'I Am Woman'.

So, I decided to watch it. How haven't I heard about the brilliant Helen Reddy??????

The film left me feeling, empowered, positive, super excited about the next chapter in my life and as if I was #invincible.

The connections...

1 - When I was a child my mother listened to Helen Reddy - singing the words 'I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman.'

2 - Tragically, I lost my mum very suddenly. I wondered who would be there championing my corner, telling me I can do this, believing in me, really believing in me.

3 - It's all very well having the support of friends but outside validation shows you that you're onto something.

4 - The links between Helen, my mum and Cheryl is that their messages are all the same.

'I am strong; I am invincible; I am woman'

It's the only message we need.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Maybe you don't believe in coincidences but I felt so lost when my mum died, I sort of felt she was still with me, guiding me, but I did have her actual beingness. When this happened it made me certain that Mum is still well and truly championing my corner.

It's not a coincidence that I came across the networking group and connected with Cheryl, or that I stumbled across the film, it's a message from my fantastic mum reminding me of what I can achieve.

How else do you explain me remembering my mum singing those Helen Reddy words when I was a child, how else do you explain me stumbling across the networking group called 'I Am Woman', how else do you explain me watching the film 'I Am Woman' when I had never heard of it and wanted to watch something completely different but ended up watching that because of it's title. The message is the same. I know it might sound bonkers but I truly feel my mother's soul, guiding me.

By the way - for those that don't know, my mum is a massive influence in creating my 'Happy Art'. See my full gallery here

Additionally, if you haven't watch the film, watch it!

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