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Minnie La La Designs

Updated: May 13

Welcome to Minnie La La Designs. Step into a world of beautiful, uplifting art designed to adorn your walls, whether at home or in your workspace. Minnie La La Designs brings you stunning oil paintings inspired by the enchanting landscapes of Wales, where I live.

A circular image of a Minnie La La Designs original artpiece surrounded by the words 'Hang Some Happiness On Your Walls'.

Unveiling a collection of vibrant, nature-inspired artworks, my creations are a celebration of colour and movement, designed to bring joy to those who encounter them. Unlike art laden with hidden meanings or political nuances, my pieces are an open invitation to embrace happiness through visual expression.

Embark on the Journey of Bespoke Art:

Commissioning a piece of art is a significant decision, often made infrequently. Hence, I value initiating this creative journey with a personal touch through face-to-face meetings whenever possible. Crafting bespoke pieces tailored to individuals is a delight, especially after connecting in person and learning more about each other. Take a leap of faith and contact me, I would love to create something extra special for you or a loved one.

Art for Everyone at Minnie La La Designs:

For those not yet ready to commission a custom piece, Minnie La La Designs offers a curated selection of set artworks and prints derived from original oil paintings. Explore the world of happy art with choices that suit your taste and style. Visit my shop, where you'll also discover household items featuring my original art prints.

Alternatively I love to share my passion for painting with everyone. I run Corporate Wellbeing Workshops, Art Workshops for Health and Wellbeing and Painting Parties. Creating art, inspired by nature lends itself to positive mental health practices, so why not share that amazing feeling I get when I'm creating, with you? Click here to find out more.

Did You Know...

Contrary to the traditional art school path, I didn't attend art school, joining the ranks of renowned self-taught artists like Henri Rousseau and Vincent van Gogh. Painting, for me, is a form of self-expression, an outlet for my love of colour, and a canvas for the inspiration drawn from nature.

Experimentation and Promise:

Minnie La La Designs tool pot that includes brushes, Clam Shells, Toothbrushes and pipettes!

My artistic process involves playing with colour, inspired by the beauty of nature, resulting in vibrant and unique tones. I revel in the tactile experience of layering on paint, creating luxurious textures that beckon to be touched. Experimentation is key, utilising unconventional tools such as knitting needles, scrubbing brushes, and toothbrushes to achieve a diverse range of textures.

My promise to you:

Each piece of Minnie La La Designs art is unequivocally one of a kind—never mass-produced. When you choose a piece, you're ensuring that nobody else will have the same masterpiece gracing their walls. Embrace the joy of unique, handcrafted art that speaks directly to your heart and soul.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of my work with me, including commissions, health and well-being workshops or painting parties, then please contact me here. I look forward to chatting with you.

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