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Minnie La La Designs

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Beautiful, happy art to hang on your walls either at home or in your workspace.

I create gorgeous oil paintings inspired by nature and the beautiful countryside of Wales, where I live.

It's not clever or political, there aren't any hidden messages you have to try and decipher, it is full of colour and movement bringing a happiness to all that see it.

Affordable bespoke work:

Commissioning a piece of art work is a big decision and not one that people often do. Therefore, I believe it is really important to begin the journey, when possible with a face to face meeting.

I love creating pieces that are specifically for someone, especially if we have managed to meet up first and get to know each other a little bit.

Art for Everyone

If you're not ready for a commission, I also sell set pieces of work as well as prints from original oil paintings. (#bespokeart #commissionedart #happyart)

Did you know...

I did not go to art school - I am in great company of other self taught artist such as Henri Rousseau and Vincent van Gogh!

For me painting is a way that I can express myself.

I love to play with colour and nature inspires me to create new and vibrant tones.

I enjoy piling on the paint to create thick, sumptuous layers that scream to be touched.

I enjoy experienmenting with different tools to create an assortment of textures; such as knitting needles, scrubing brushes and tooth brushes to name a few!

My Promise

I can guarantee that my work is one of a kind.

They are not mass produced.

No-body else with have it hanging on their walls.

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