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Sing Like a Bird: What Is Your Song?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

This afternoon when I was pottering in the garden, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was a bit chilly but it felt great to be outdoors.

As I was gardening, I had to stop for moment and just listen.

The birds in the trees were singing soooo loudly, soooo confidently, soooo beautifully, I just had to take a moment to listen to them.

Now I know my knowledge of birds is very limited, however it seem to me as though the birds were encouraging each other to sing, joining in with each other, creating something wonderful TOGETHER!

There was no squawking, as far as I could tell, no bird pushing another bird off a branch, no bird trying to shut another one up, they were just there, in the trees singing together.

And that is exactly what WE need to do - WE need to sing loudly about our businesses, WE need to be confident to do so, let everyone know they should come to you and only YOU!

But when doing this, it is ok to ask for help, it is alright to help others, there is room for everyone, we don't need to be mean, or be threaten by others. Lets be kind to each other, be proud of one another - champion small independent business just as you'd like others to do for you.

The creative world, plays such an important role in society. It is precious!

It is up to us to make sure that it remains very much in our everyday lives, that is remains in our children's education, that cuts are not made, that 'people' 'up there' do not devaluate art, in any shape or form.

Here are three facts that looking at art is good for you - ( I imagine that this will applied to all the arts) but obviously I'm focusing on art.

FACT 1: New brain research showed that creativity, social development and self worth, are promoted through art.

FACT 2: Imagination and critical thinking are developed through art!

FACT 3: Practising art strongly correlates with a higher achievement in reading and maths!

Let's be more like the birds and sing together, encourage each other, help each other, because we are all singing, they might be different tunes/songs but its music which iOS beautiful.

So back to the question; What is your song?

Mine would be Nina Simone's Feeling Good!

Hope the link works!

PLEASE share yours!

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