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Imposter Syndrome : How to manage the feelings!

Updated: May 13

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome? On Tuesday evening, on International Women's Day, I went, for the second time, to an 'I Am Woman' networking event. #iamwoman #cherylbass #milkshake.

The first one I went to, was nerve wracking, because I had never been to a networking event before. However, Cheryl Bass is a warm, giggly, welcoming woman. Therefore, when I first stepped into the room at the Miskin Manor Hotel six weeks ago, I felt immediately at ease, thanks to her.

What happens at an I AM Woman Event?

I am Woman International Women's Day Event - Imposter Syndrome

Beneath Cheryl's glamorous appearance, she is a tough cookie who really knows her stuff and wants to share it with other women in business. Having been in business for a long time, Cheryl is generous sharing her knowledge.

After over three hours of cocktails, canapés, talks and networking, I left feeling excited, a bounce in my step, not just a spring! My head was held so high it was touching the stars. I couldn't believe what I had just encountered, a room full of incredible women. There seemed to be endless possibilities for all of us, but I was especially excited as to where my journey, as an artist, could lead.

I felt valued as an artist, I was taken seriously, nobody laughed or asked me what I was doing there, instead people listened to me, asked me questions and really wanted to know the answers.

So why did I experience Imposter Syndrome?

As the weeks passed, I concentrated on all the things I had taken away from that first networking event. I started to ask myself what did I really want from a career as an artist? I visited galleries, I applied to more prestigious markets and fairs, I even applied to be on a television show - (more on that at a later date if/when anything becomes of it.)

However, my second event was completely different. I didn't feel comfortable. As soon as I stepped into the room, I felt really nervous. I found it really hard to talk to people, to network. I felt as if I should not have been there. That wasn't because of anything anyone did or didn't do, it was all me.

The array of woman was vast. They all had different careers, different expertise, but seemly, to me, had 'proper' jobs! Charity worker, environmentalist, photographer, stylist, dietician, IT consultant, YouTuber, business consultant, estate agent, to name a few and then there was me. Artist! Imposter Syndrome activated!

When I networked and introduced myself I didn't explain how I became an artist, nor did I speak about the importance of art, especially colour and texture. I didn't tell anyone the facts and figures and benefits that art has on everyone. It's not just about pretty pictures, it's so much more.

What happened?

I spent the next morning feeling pants about the whole event. However, after going for a long windy walk, I began to process what had actually happened.

I now feel I know how/where I went wrong. I lacked confidence, conviction in my career choice. Additionally, maybe it was just my mood that day. Instead of giving myself a hard time I know how to move forward and hopefully next time I will be able to convey more clearly my art and it's meaning to me and the benefit of it for other businesses.

Feeling like you don't belong is normal. However, it is how we use that experience and move forward that matters. I could have decided to never go again to a networking event. Alternatively, I could pull my socks up, hold my head up high again and reach for the stars.

That's exactly what I'm going to do!

Check out my work, my amazing art workshops for health and wellbeing and so much more on my website here.

Flyer for I AM Woman event - where i felt imposter syndrome!

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yes!!!! the world needs your art. your art brings sunshine into any room. and how is yours less a job than mine? you are amazing and you need to tell the world just that!! x

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