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Walk all over Cancer!

Everyday in March I will be walking/running/stamping 10,000 steps all over #cancer

Too many people have been effected by Cancer, myself included.

Almost Nine years ago, my fantastically, wonderful, mum suddenly became ill when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Tragically, after surgery and radiotherapy they decided not to bother with chemotherapy, as the tumour was too big to conquer and my mum died.

I was left completely and utterly devastated, waking each morning praying it was dream, only to discover it was all true. The unthinkable had happened.

I've often tortured myself by thinking about the 'What if's, and if only's'! Pointless I know, a waste of time, emotion and energy but also a vital part, I think, of the grieving process. Well it was for me.

I have signed up to #walkallovercancer this March - 10,000 steps a day, I think it might be trickier than I first thought but nothing compared to losing my mum.

If you are able to donate via my #justgivingpage that would be totally amazing - link below.

Watch this space for little updates on how I'm getting on and leave a comment for some support too! #beatcancer

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